808 Chinese characters commonly used in China, Japan & Korea

808 Chinese characters commonly used in CJK  is a list of Chinese characters commonly used in China, Japan and Korea. Among 808 characters, 801 of them are in China’s “Modern Chinese Common Character” (现代汉语常用字表). 710 are in Japan’s “Character Education” (教育汉字) list. And 808 all in Korean’s middle and high school character education. About 540 of them are the same characters among three countries. 200 of them have difference of classifed characters and simplified characters.

Background. Chinese character were broadly used as written language in Japanese and Korean’s history. It is a natural connection of culture communication among them. In 1980’s many Japanese visited China and communicated with Chinese by writing down characters on a piece of paper.

The idea of making a chart of the collectively used Chinese characters was proposed by a Chinese delegate in the 2005 forum and was welcomed by the Japanese and South Korean sides. In 2010, China People’s University (中国人民大学) proposed a commom characters table among China, Japan and Korea to promote cultural exchanges and common development of the three countries. It took the concerned parties of the three countries nearly 6 years of deliberations to prepare the list, make the draft and finally make it into a book form. On April 2014, the “800 Chinese Characters Commonly Used in CJK” (中日韩共同常用八百汉字表) was approved by delegates of three contries in a meeing in Yangzhou, Jiangsu of China (中国江苏扬州).

Benefit. As long as one recognizes characters in this table, even if he or she does not know other two languages, one can still have simple communication thus promoting a lot of convenience for them to travel in different countries.

Check 808 CJK characters below











A new book on 808 commonly used Chinese characters in China, Japan and South Korea was released on Nov 30, 2015 during the tenth session of the Northeast Asia Trilateral Forum held in Seoul on Monday, marking one of the most important achievements of the forum in its 10-year-history. During the launching ceremony of the new book, the mega droplight made by 808 Chinese calligraphy works caught the attention of all the people attending the forum.